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Clarks Rhododendrons Carlisle

Alan Clark is a Rhododendron Specialist based in Carlisle, Cumbria. He is one of the country's leading specialist Rhododendron growers, producing some of the rarest varieties of Rhododendron from the Himalayas, China & Vietnam and a wide range of very reliable Rhododendron Hybrids and Azaleas.
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Knowledge of Rhododendrons

Alan Clark has over 40 years experience and knowledge with popular and rare Rhododendron varieties.

Sturdy Plant varieties

History has shown that Rhododendrons are probably the longest lived flowering plant in the UK. Specimens well over 100 years old are still thriving in many localities.

Buying Rhododendrons

Our policy is that we only see visitors by appointment. this ensures that we can understand what customers hope to achieve & suggest varieties that will be successful in their garden environment. Please contact us so we can help you get the right Rhododendrons for your garden.

Rhododendrons are grown for their beautiful flowers
and come in all colours except true blue.

clarks Rhododendrons, our collection

We grow a carefully selected range of species and hybrids including evergreen and deciduous azaleas to suit any size of garden with suitable acidic soil.


The Rhododendron species we grow originally come from high altitude areas in Asia, North America & Europe. Wild Rhododendrons grow at sea level all the way up to heights of 19,000 feet. They grow in a variety of habitats, including alpine regions, coniferous and broad leaved woodlands and temperate rain forests.


Clarks Rhododendrons are always pleased to welcome visitors to our nursery, where planting plans can be discussed. Alan Clark is always available for onsite visits.


Our service is not a mail order service as generally our plants are of a size which makes packing difficult. Our Rhododendron service is bespoke & generally we do one of two things;

  • Customers collect by arrangement from the nursery.
  • Delivery of large orders can be arranged using our own transport.

Clarks Rhododendrons Types

Rhododendrons have the greatest range of flower colour, leaf shape, texture and eventual sizes of any known group of woody plants. Most are evergreen and in the average year one could expect flowers from late March through to September, with a peak from mid to end of May. Depending on garden location some of the bigger varieties appreciate light shade, but in the North of England and most of Scotland, they are happy in full sun.

The range of Rhododendrons we sell are difficult to categorise without going into great detail. We have tried to simplify selection by splitting them into 5 groups. It should be appreciated that this is only a guide as there are many factors such as soil type, shade and exposure that affect plant growth.


These categories are;

  • Dwarf Varieties unlikely to exceed 2' (60cm)
  • Small varieties unlikely to exceed 4' (1.3m)
  • Varieties likely to reach 4'-6' (1.3m - 2m)
  • Varieties likely to reach 6'-10' (2-3m)
  • Large & tree like varieties likely to exceed 10'(3m)

Companion Plants

We grow a range of companion plants including;

  • Pieris
  • Primulas - including a candalabre type with pastel colour flowers. These will grow in well drained soil alongside Rhododendrons and don't need wet conditions.
  • Meconopsis
  • Kaffir Lilies
  • Cardiocrinum (the giant himalayan lily, which can grow up to 12 feet).

Additional varieties we grow

Here some more of the varieties we grow, but are by no means the full list.


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